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    Best Hospitals and Doctors For Knee Replacement in Delhi NCR

    Published at 01 Sep, 2018

    What is knee replacement?

    Knee replacement is the process of replacing the damaged modules of a human knee with artificial modules usually made of plastic and metal. The need of knee replacement arises when these damaged parts begin to cause pain, discomfort and reduced mobility.

    Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

    There are various types of knee Replacement Surgery depending upon the extent up to which parts of the knee are replaced:

    • Total Knee Replacement : In total knee replacement the joint surface at the end of Femur (thigh bone) and the joint surface at the beginning of Tibia (Shin bone) is replaced.

    • Partial Knee Replacement : It is also known as Unicompartmental Knee replacement. It is recommended when only one side of the knee (usually the inner side) is affected.

    • Kneecap replacement : It is also known as patellofemoral arthroplasty. In this case, the surface under the knee cap and it’s groove is replaced.

    • Complex knee replacement : When repeatedly two or three knee replacement surgeries are done in the same knee. This is recommended in extreme cases of Arthritis.

    Top 10 Hospitals for Knee Replacement and Their Specialists :

    Avocure is an online one stop solution for catering your medical needs when travelling for your health treatment. Avocure has shortlisted the top 10 best hospitals for Knee replacement surgery in Delhi NCR:

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. J S Arora

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. Devender Singh

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. Vimal Kumar

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. Rakesh Mahajan

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. Sharad Kumar Aggarwal

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. U.K. Sadhoo

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. Rakesh Chandra Arya

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. B K Singh

    Concerned Specialist: Dr. P. S Gill 

    Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery In India :

    Knee Replacement in India is very economical as compared to other countries. Especially the residents of The States can get a knee replacement done at one tenth of the cost of knee replacement in their own country.

    This is despite the fact the the hospitals in India have the most sophisticated Infrastructure and the surgeons hold tremendous experience because of the increasing demand of this replacement.

    Cost of Total Knee Replacement in Tier One Hospitals:

    Unilateral Total Knee Replacement: USD 7500

    Bilateral Total Knee Replacement: USD 12500

    Cost of Total Knee Replacement in Tier Two Hospitals:

    Unilateral Total Knee Replacement: USD 5500-6000

    Bilateral Total Knee Replacement: USD 8500-9200