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Atmantan, an international, luxury wellness destination in Mulshi, in Pune & near Mumbai. Individuals come here for integrated wellness retreats and programs, for the purposes of rejuvenation, relaxation, Detox, fitness and even to indulge in a pampering spa holiday. Nestled on a unique crystal hill, (that lends the land healing frequencies), Atmantan spans 42 acres of lush green valley, & has it abode in the Majestic Sahyadris, overlooking the pristine Mulshi Lake. This award winning wellness resort, is truly the holistic amalgamation of the atma (soul), mana (mind) and tann (body). With integrated and customized wellness programs, Atmantan offers its guests result oriented wellness experiences, such that they return to their daily lives healthier, happier and transformed! While using the freshest ingredients & seasonal produce from our organic farms, Atmantan offers guests spa cuisine that is exquisitely customised to complement their dietary requirements and the individual's retreat goals. Guests are served here with warm hospitality that is synonym with India. Atmantan is very accessible by road and air, due to its strategic location in Mulshi, (a hill-station near Pune), and can be reached within a 3 hours’ drive from Mumbai.

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Set on lush hillside grounds overlooking Mulshi Lake, this serene spa hotel is 5 km from the waterfalls and scenic views at Tamhini Ghat, and 42 km from the SH97 highway.

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Packages Available

These packages bring together a fascinating global combination of complete wellness by blending the best known therapies garnered from every corner of the world. Going back in time, understanding practices, rituals and the spiritual teachings has allowed us to bring together revitalizing treatments such as the sensuous aromatherapy, the deeply relaxing Swedish massage, the pressure points and tension release work through deep tissue massage. Experiences to help revitalize and rejuvenate.

Atmantan Living

TRUE NOURISHMENT OF THE SENSES! Experience the complete envelopment of your senses with refined wellness offerings as you are anointed in the Atmantan Signature Massage, the holistic anti-aging facial and an in depth Postural Integration. For spiritual restoration, you can explore the sacred cultural and traditional arts of ancient healing practices from all over the world including the Taoist Chi Nei Tsang therapy, Pranic Healing, and breathing techniques that promotes both cleansing and longevity. Atmantan wellness resort packages are one of the best for rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul! Our team of talented healers, therapists, instructors and practitioners are able to provide the highest quality of wellness experience for your betterment and fulfillment. Be enthralled even as you participate in our dynamic and insightful group activities and join into the wellbeing spirit at Atmantan. Savour exceptional spa cuisine the Atmantan way, with wonderfully creative medicinal gastronomy in our restaurants; it brings to you delightfully fresh and healthy living food, from the organic farms straight to your plate. Discover true nourishment of your soul, mind and body with the ATMANTAN LIVING retreat – One of the hottest selling wellness packages in India.

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Spa Life

This is the perfect getaway retreat for you when you are looking for some me time and just want to relax and experience the ultimate in spa pampering and savour organic plant based formulas and rich nutrient infused spa cuisine. This spa journey with our restorative collection of regal treatments including daily massages, body polishes, and holistic therapies, will gently melt your stress away and give you a visible transformation. Experience a journey of magnificent treatments for your body and senses combined with the most refined, organic and wild crafted botanical extracts rich in Pranic life force. Experience the best spa packages in India at this luxury wellness resort. As you reduce your exposure to harmful toxins, fight free radical damage, and partake the organic nutrition from our exclusive spa cuisine, the SPA LIFE retreat will let nature provide your body with all that it needs to regenerate and heal. SPA LIFE is the journey of ultimate luxury and pampering in the secluded and tranquil valley of Atmantan, where you are truly able to unwind and reconnect with yourself. Renew at the best spa resorts in India with the hottest spa offers and deals for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

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Master Cleanse

The Atmantan MASTER CLEANSE™ is a synergistic formula of resetting the organs and systems of the body through cellular cleansing and toxin elimination; it meticulously assists the body in ridding itself of its emotional and hormonal imbalance. We put you through an international selection of powerful treatments to promote ideal detoxification ranging from the Hot Stone Message, to the art of open colon hydrotherapy and to providing you with the Taoist Chi Nei Tsang treatment which in itself has become the benchmark for detoxification worldwide. As you progress on the MASTER CLEANSE™, you will discover that this cleansing ritual will not just facilitate the cleansing of your emotional knots and unclutter the mind, but will also lead you to benefits of improved sleep, increased immunity and permit your body to self-heal. Our medically researched detoxification treatments will support your body through the various phases of liver clearance in a safe and effective manner, so that the cleanse journey your body undergoes is gradual and thorough. The MASTER CLEANSE™ incorporates evidence based, medicinal gastronomy, using living foods to boost the nutrient stores inside your cells, to revitalize your health and enhance your body’s healing potential. The MASTER CLEANSE™ diet (Detoxification Menu) at Atmantan involves body cleansing as a gradual process of transition from solid foods to a liquid diet. This ensures that the body does not go into shock and you experience a sustainable detox regimen as your body gradually adapts to the detox diet. For the expert detoxer, after consultation, we also customize the retreat to boost and apex their cleansing quotient through a liquid detox! Atmantan is one of the best detoxification centres in India.

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Weight Balance

he WEIGHT BALANCE retreat at Atmantan is a weight management package that gives you the opportunity to kick start a new way of thinking, make self-enhancing lifestyle choices and consequently empowers you to make informed and positive changes to your life! It is one of most result-oriented weight loss retreats in India. You begin your retreat with an initial in depth fitness Assessment with VO2 Max that helps determine the optimal workout program suited to your anatomy such as to achieve your desired goals. Our international team of fitness and movement instructors will then guide you through a diverse and inspiring exercise regime that tailors itself to your endurance ability level be it functional training, kick boxing, hiking, strength training, Pilates, cross training or anti-gravity forms of exercise. Our team of practitioners are here to support you every step of the way and assist you to achieve mindfulness, drop old habits and accustom yourself to informed lifestyle changes so that you are able to reach your optimum weight goals and sustain the same over time.

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Journey Through Yoga

The JOURNEY THROUGH YOGA the Atmantan way, incorporates traditional Ayurveda principles, beginning with an Ayurvedic Medical Consultation to determine your constitution or Dosha; this is then followed up by an array of prescribed treatments ranging the Choornaswedana to private Meditation and Breathing sessions that has you delve deeper into the ritual of Yoga. You experience diverse yet singularly healing therapies of the Deep hands massage, Foot reflexology, and even Pranic healing. All these subtly work in unison to better align your senses and boost your personal wellness levels.

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Ayurveda Panchakarma

The AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA treatment in India, is a ritual that unfolds as you are anointed with individually selected, hand mixed and customised medicated herbal oils that are freshly prepared daily to restore the crucial inner harmony of the body and the senses. As you soak in these self-healing oils that cleanse and purify, daily practice Yoga to realign movement, partake in breath and mind meditation to find that sacred space within… you experience the sacred harmonising of your Dosha and the restoration of your health and wellbeing. The age old miraculous ritual of PANCHAKARMA treatment is a deeply nourishing, enriching and purifying practice that ultimately delivers you with a stronger body, clearer mind and heightened intuition. Atmantan is a luxury wellness resort that offers panchakarma treatment near Mumbai and is a panchakarama treatment center in India.

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Holistic Health

JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY: Incorporating a diverse range of natural therapies, scientifically researched spa treatments, regular movement and mindfulness practices, the HOLISTIC HEALTH program at Atmantan will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, and in the process empowering you to unlock your own body’s natural abilities to self-heal… This retreat focuses on the energy body as a whole that encompasses your mind-body connection; Energy medicine is applied with the alchemical healing abilities of the Pranic healing, scan and cleanse of the subtle chakra energy systems in the body and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Acupuncture, Cupping and Moxibustion. These ancient healing retreat and treatment help surge the body’s healing potential as they promote the flow of good chi, thereby promoting detoxification, longevity and immunity. Even the meditation and breathing exercises you partake in, work towards calming the mind, improving sleep patterns, and restoratively healing you.

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Restorative Physiotherapy

PHYSIOTHERAPY HELPS RETAIN OUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Our musculoskeletal system is made up of muscles, bones and joints, teamed up with cartilage, tendons and ligaments, all of which enable us to undertake our daily activities. When some of these aren’t working in harmony, the comforts of our body that we take for granted are threatened to a level of permanent damage; Atmantan’s Restorative Physiotherapy retreat can help you find a solution to this! This retreat focusses on restoring mobility, strength & improving quality of movement such that the desired level of physical comfort is achieved. Our team of experts are specialised in treating a wide gamut of orthopaedic related conditions, may it be osteo-arthritis, ligament injuries, sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, joint instabilities, restoration of muscle and joint functions, chronic musculoskeletal conditions or even certain neurological related conditions.

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Fitness Challenge

f you wish to take your fitness to a greater level and diversify your threshold training to further enhance your physical fitness, strength and endurance, then you can most certainly achieve this with the Atmantan FITNESS CHALLENGE. And for those who are looking to push themselves beyond their previous echelons, this intensive retreat at Atmantan has been designed to raise your fitness levels by crafting a regime of path breaking workouts that are customized for you and overseen by our team of international instructors.After a detailed fitness assessment with the VO2 Max that tabulates your lung capacity and breathing cycles, resting metabolism rates, flexibility and endurance tests, body age and other fitness analysis data, your private instructor will devise a dynamic workout program incorporating a varied range of exercises to challenge and elevate your fitness abilities. From Cross fit, HIT, Tabata, Pilates, cardio, Vibration training, as well as hiking in the great mountainous ranges of the Sahyadris, the FITNESS CHALLENGE will expand your mental focus, endurance level, and peak your optimal physical output and aerobic conditioning.

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Want a Wellness package personalised for yourself?

Dates or duration not suiting your plans? Or do you want to get a precise wellness package designed specially for your needs? It’s easy to get it customized as per your convenience. Just raise a request for a custom package, and get all the answers to your questions in no time.

Rooms Available

These rooms bring together a fascinating global combination of complete wellness by blending the best known therapies garnered from every corner of the world. Going back in time, understanding practices, rituals and the spiritual teachings has allowed us to bring together revitalizing treatments such as the sensuous aromatherapy, the deeply relaxing Swedish massage, the pressure points and tension release work through deep tissue massage. Experiences to help revitalize and rejuvenate.

Ashoka & Arjuna Garden

The Asoka and Arjuna Garden groves house 80 garden facing, spacious rooms ranging between 370 to 418 square feet each. These guestrooms have been furnished for your sustained comfort, with plush King or Twin sized beds and sink-in loungers. Floor-to-ceiling view windows bathe the room in natural light, and when need be, the blackout curtains permit you to sleep like a baby.

Acacia Lake View

The Acacia Lake grove houses 16 lavish lake facing guest rooms, of 440 square feet each. These have been so built, to provide the guests with exclusive and expansive views of the spectacular Mulshi Lake. The vast rooms are decorated with plush King sized beds and sink-in loungers, and floor-to-ceiling view windows maximize the serene views of the lake. The customised sheer and blackout curtains allow you to transform the room within seconds from day to night for precious shut-eye. The plush en-suite marble inlaid bathroom with shower facilities and a glass walled bathtub enthuse you to unwind and soak in soothing waters. The room spills into a luxuriant private balcony or a sit out garden on the lower floor, which brings you closer to the expansive lake. This amenity-rich grove has been designed for both guest comfort and luxury. All these guest rooms have satellite TVs, central air-conditioning with fresh air circulation provisions, telephones, refrigerators, electric steel kettles, wardrobe safes, iron and ironing board, hair dryers, bathrobes and exquisite aromatherapy bath products. (All in-room bath products are free of harmful preservatives).

Mango Tree Villa

The Mango Tree Villa at 1500 square feet, is the presidential one bedroom suite villa at Atmantan, complete with a private infinity pool, a personal gymnasium, an indulgent couple spa, sauna and steam facilities and its own butler’s pantry. The resplendent en-suite bathroom itself is thronged by a walk-in wardrobe at one end and a refreshing open-to-sky outdoor shower at the other end. The entire villa enthralls you with 270 degrees views of the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and the pristine Mulshi Lake. The floor to ceiling glass walls here encourage you to walk out onto its horizon-touch porch and this villa even has its own gravity defying pagoda which brings breathless splendour to in-room dining. The gorgeous sun-kissed garden encompasses the rich landscape of the land and complements the utmost privacy of the villa. The interiors are opulently elegant with inlaid marble, warm wooden paneling, ornately upholstered furniture, soothing artefacts and twinkling crystal chandeliers. The Mango Tree Villa offers you a most private and luxurious living experience at Atmantan.

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