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Hôpital Frontier Lifeline (Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation) est un hôpital spécialisé cardiaque de 100 lits qui offre des soins cardiaques de classe mondiale pour adultes et les enfants de l'Inde et 21 pays, partout dans le monde.

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Cardiology 14 procédures

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure

An ASD is a congenital heart defect in the atrial septum that results in leakage oxygen-rich blood from left atrium to the right atrium. This increases the work of workload of the right side of the heart and if not corrected early can lead to heart failure. The defect if small can be corrected by cardiac catheterization usually by a pediatric cardiologist. A large defect often needs open heart procedures.

Cardiac Assessment

This is the systematic examination of a patient’s cardiovascular system with the aim of diagnosing cardiovascular problems. The assessment encompasses taking a comprehensive history of a patient, carrying out a thorough physical examination of a patient and finally doing investigations such as electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, central venous pressure, etc.

Coronary Angiogram

It is a type of cardiac catheterization procedure. It is performed for both interventional and diagnostic purposes. In this procedure, a dye that is radiopaque is injected into the blood vessels of one’s heart. An X-ray machine is then used to take serial images (angiograms) that give a picture of how the blood vessels are. Based on the finding, an interventional cardiologist will open the clogged vessels (angioplasty).

Coronary Angioplasty

Also known as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) Thais is a procedure that is used to widen narrowed or blocked coronary arteries. The procedure is carried out by an interventional cardiologist. When combined with stenting, it is referred to as percutaneous coronary intervention. Is should be done within thirty minutes to 2 hours after a having a cardiac event.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery

Also referred to as colloquially heart bypass or bypass surgery or coronary artery bypass surgery. It is an operation done restore normal blood flow to obstructed coronary vessels hence used to manage coronary heart disease. The surgery has two main approaches, i.e., diversion of the internal thoracic artery to the left anterior descending artery in the left coronary vessel and using the great saphenous vein to create a connection between the aorta or its branch to the obstructed artery distance to the obstruction.

Cardiology Consultation

This is a hospital checkup and review by a qualified cardiologist. It involves patient assessment, treatment planning, diagnosis and cardiac interventions.

Bentall Procedure

This is a cardiothoracic operation that involves the replacement of a composite graft of the aortic root, ascending aorta and the aortic valve with implantation of coronary arteries into the graft.

Cardiac CT

This is a painless imaging modality that uses x-rays to take detailed images of one’s heart and its blood vessels. It may or may not be done with intravenous contrast agents. The modern multidetector CT (MDCT) is highly sensitive.

Atrioventricular Fistula Treatment

This is a procedure used to correct abnormal connections between the atria and ventricles of one's heart. The surgery requires the deformity be repaired to ensure that the correct flow of blood in one’s heart is achieved.

Aortic Valve Repair

This is a procedure done to repair or replace aortic valves damaged by disease. Aortic valves are one of the four heart valves that help regulate the flow of blood in the heart. The surgeon will remove the damaged valves and replace them with a prosthetic one which is then screwed into place. The valves can be mechanical (made of artificial materials like carbon) or biological, i.e., from animal or human tissue.

Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment

Atrioventricular Septal Defect is a congenital malformation of the heart that allows the mixing of blood from the right and left sides of the heart. It can be due to the absence of the persistence of fetal interatrial foramen or the complete absence of part or whole of the septum. The management of the condition is surgical.

Aortopulmonary Window Repair

Aortopulmonary Window is a rare defect of the heart in which there is a hole connecting the aorta and the pulmonary artery abs a result failure of the conotructal ridges to fuse. As spontaneous closure does not occur, once a diagnosis is made, Aortopulmonary Window Repair surgery is the only solution.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

This allows a patient’s blood pressure to be measured at regular intervals (20-30 minutes) over a 24 hour period, whether the patient is asleep or awake. The BP will be measure as one goes about the activities of his daily life. It helps to detect masked hypertension, sustained hypertension and white coat hypertensions. It is also good in situations like BP change due to medication, pregnancy related hypertension, borderline hypertension, fainting episodes and when it is difficult to control BP with drugs.

Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant surgery is done to replace a damaged heart with a healthy, working heart that is taken from an ‘organ donor’ who has recently died. However, in very rare cases, the diseased heart is kept in its place to support the donated heart, instead of being removed. Heart transplant is used as a last resort when all the other cardiac treatments fail to improve the health of the patient.

Vascular Medicine 2 procédures


This is a medical imaging modality that is used to view the lumen or inside of organs and vessels in the body with a special interest in veins, arteries, and chambers of the heart. It helps reveal areas of blockage or areas with pathology. They include arteriogram, venograms, CT angiography, MR angiography. Examples microangiography, coronary angiography, etc.


Sometimes referred to as percutaneous transluminal Angioplasty or balloon Angioplasty.it is a minimally y invasive procedure that is done to widen obstructed or narrowed veins and arteries typically to manage atherosclerosis. A balloon catheter is passed over a guided wire to the narrowed vessel which is then inflated. A stent is sometimes inserted during the ballooning phase to ensure that the vessel will remain open after the balloon is deflated and removed. It has several used, i.e., Coronary Angioplasty, carotid Angioplasty and Peripheral Angioplasty.

Endocrinology 3 procédures

Diabetes Consultation

This is the review of a newly diagnosed or known diabetic patient by a diabetic care team. The doctors will take the patient history of the condition, carry out physical examinations to detect any diabetic complication, proper carryout investigations like RBS and educated the patient about his condition an, the impotence of drug compliance and possible lifestyle changes that patient will have to implement. The consult may decide to change the patient drugs.

Endocrinology Consultation

This is a review of a patient suspected or diagnosed with endocrinological disorders such as hyperthyroidism. The patient will undergo a clinical examination and relevant investigations ordered to check the patient’s general medical condition. The patient’s medications will also be reviewed, and if failing, they will be changed. The consult can be done to a gynecologic, obstetric, medical, surgical, pediatric or even a psychiatric patient.

Endocrinology Testing

These are tests done to diagnose or rule our Endocrinological disorders. The test measures the level of a certain hormone in the blood, e.g., estrogen, thyroid function test, growth hormone, stimulating follicle hormone, etc.

Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine 1 procédures

Lung Transplant

A lung transplant is a useful treatment for respiratory disease that has curtailed the lung function severely. In such patients, a lung transplant can increase longevity and also help improve quality of life. However, lung transplant surgery is a complex procedure needing cutting edge facility and care. Severe, end-stage lung disease is a strong indication for a lung transplant. The procedure should be considered when all other treatment modalities have failed and also in people whose lung disease is so severe that they can no longer live and breathe comfortably.


Spécialistes travaillant avec Hôpital Frontier Lifeline, Chennai

Dr. Joy M Thomas Cardiology

  • Expérience Total - 34ans
  • Cardiologue interventionnel
  • cardiaque Électrophysiologiste
  • Gestion du rythme cardiaque
  • Heart Failure Management

Dr Raghavan Subramanyan Cardiology Paediatrics

  • Cardiologie pédiatrique
  • pédiatrique cathétérisme cardiaque et des interventions
  • clinique en cardiologie adulte
  • enseignement cardiologie

Padmashree Dr. K. M. Cherian Cardiology

  • [ " Dr KMCherian est mondialement connu et distingué chirurgien cardiaque. ", " Il a effectué la première opération réussie de pontage de l'artère coronaire de l'Inde en 1975. ", " Il a également réalisé la première transplantation cardiaque du pays après la légalisation de la mort cérébrale. ", " la première transplantation pulmonaire Heart-, la première transplantation pédiatrique et la première TMR (Laser chirurgie cardiaque) ont également été réalisées par lui. " " Il est le premier Indien à devenir le président du Congrès mondial de thoracique chirurgien cardiaque et le premier membre de l'Association américaine de chirurgie thoracique de l'Inde. "]

Dr.Anand.K Cardiology

  • Post MD -. 1 an en soins intensifs à l'hôpital Sir Ivan Stedford, 1 an en CCU à l'hôpital Frontier Lifeline
  • Post DNB - 2ans à l'hôpital Frontier Lifeline
  • cardiologie interventionnelle

Dr Sri Kumar.S Cardiology

  • Expérience clinique générale: Plus de 10 ans
  • l'expérience de cardiologie: Plus de 4 ans
  • cardiologie interventionnelle
  • l'insuffisance cardiaque, l'hypertension Réfractaires

Dr Ajeet Arulkumar Cardiology

  • Expérience Totale clinique 12 ans
  • Expérience de cardiologie - 6 ans
  • adulte ischémique et maladie cardiaque structurelle
  • l'insuffisance cardiaque et de transplantation

Dr Sanjay Cherian Cardiology

  • [ " Dr Sanjay Cherian a terminé sa undergraduation au Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, Inde, après quoi, il a entrepris des recherches et de la formation en chirurgie à l'Hôpital Saint-Vincent, (Université de Nouvelle-Galles du Sud), Sydney, Australie. ", " Il est le plus jeune médecin d'avoir terminé son doctorat en chirurgie cardiaque de l'Université médicale État du Tamil Nadu, en Inde. " " Minimal adulte invasive chirurgie cardiaque, en battant la chirurgie cardiaque ", " chirurgies pour anévrismes de l'aorte et la maladie vasculaire périphérique ", " cardiaque pédiatrique chirurgie ", " la recherche dans l'application clinique des cellules souches dans le cœur terminale et les maladies pulmonaires, l'athérosclérose, les pathologies vasculaires, implants cardiaques biologiques "]

Dr.Anto Sahayaraj. R Cardiology Paediatrics

  • MBBS, MS, santé maternelle et infantile
  • 2012 jusqu'à ce jour - Consultant Jr, chirurgie cardiaque pédiatrique, FLL
  • chirurgie cardiaque congénitale, l'expérimentation animale

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