Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village Health Resort, Palakkad, Kerala


The Ayurvedic Healing Village provides a refuge of complete stillness that focuses entirely on the wellbeing retreat experience. A full range of traditional treatments is available at the resort, and nothing pleases us more than seeing guests solve chronic health problems after just a few weeks guidance from our world-class Ayurvedic team. Kairali offers personalised treatments and numerous detoxification programs, oriented around specific health aims, such as stress relief, arthritis, migraine, post pregnancy care, beauty and weight loss. Our course of Panchkarma, the essential Ayurvedic detox, is second to none in its quality, surroundings and delivery. We also ensure that our clients have the opportunity to educate themselves during their stay with regular classes in Ayurvedic cookery and nutrition, Yoga and meditation. It ensures that our guests are able to extend their lifestyle change long even after returning home. Guests are assigned villas according to their Zodiac signs and enjoy an environment designed according to the Indian version of Feng Shui; including Red Oxide flooring, a rare Valambari Conch shell and a gentle stream flowing around every villa.

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Are you not sure what Ayurvedic procedure/procedures to choose or still skeptical about their effectiveness? Or are you worried about the location, services, qualification of the Ayurvedic consultant, products used for various treatments? It’s easy to clarify all your doubts. Just share your contact details, talk to our experts or get a free online consultation, and get all the answers to your questions in no time.

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Wellness based Treatments

These treatments bring together a fascinating global combination of complete wellness by blending the best known therapies garnered from every corner of the world. Going back in time, understanding practices, rituals and the spiritual teachings has allowed us to bring together revitalizing treatments such as the sensuous aromatherapy, the deeply relaxing Swedish massage, the pressure points and tension release work through deep tissue massage. Experiences to help revitalize and rejuvenate.


P.O. - Olassery, Kodumbu, Palakkad Dist. - 678551, Kerala (INDIA)


National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)


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