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We pledge to meet the patients’ requirements by offering expert ophthalmic care with compassion through a dedicated and committed team of well qualified and trained professionals. We commit to dispense quality service at every stage through the Quality Management System while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements. We ensure consistent quality by earnestly following systems and procedures meticulously and are the FIRST ISO 9002 certified Eye Hospital in Asia. We have also introduced Total Quality Management (TQM) policies and have been recently audited by BVQI who have recommended re-certification to us.

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Ophthalmology 10 procedures

Cataract Surgery

This is a procedure where the lens in one’s eye that has become cloudy (cataract) is removed and replaced with an artificial Len (called IOL or intraocular Len). Cataract is a condition that leads to loss of vision by clouding of one’s natural eye Len that lies behind the pupil and iris. It is performed by an ophthalmologist.

Detached Retina Treatment

The retinal detachment is an emergency condition where the pulls from the bold vessel that supply it with nutrients and oxygen. It’s accompanied by floaters (cobwebs or specks) and flashes in one's vision. If not fixed leads to blindness. The condition can be managed via various treatment modalities by an ophthalmologist. The notable procedures include vitrectomy, pneumatic retinopexy and scleral buckle procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

It is also known as blepharoplasty. It’s a surgical procedure meant to improve the appearance of one's eyelids. It can be performed on the lower lid, upper lids or both. It’s performed by plastic surgeons and helps correct deformities, disfigurations, and defects of the eyelids. It’s used to treat sagging or loose skin that creates a fold and disturb natural contour of the eye, remove fatty deposits that make ones eye puffy, remove bags below the eye, correct drooping lower lid and remove fine wrinkles and excess skins in lower lids.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Treatment

Currently, there is no specific treatment for dry AMD, but the patient can slow their condition by taking minerals and vitamins daily. There are however the wet AMD can be managed with Anti-VEGF drugs which helps decrease the number of abnormal vessels in one’s eye. Laser surgery can also be used to manage it.

Cornea Transplant

This is corneal grafting. It is a surgical procedure where a person’s diseased or damaged cornea is replaced by a corneal tissue that is donated.

Artificial Iris Implantation

During this procedure, an artificial iris made from silicon is folded then inserted into an incision that has been made in the cornea. It is a cosmetic procedure. In it, the iris is adjusted and unfolded to cove one's natural iris. This implant is used to change the color of one’s eyes. It is also sued to treat coloboma or people whose iris have been damaged by traumatic injuries.

Amniotic Membrane Transplant

Amniotic Membrane can function as a temporary graft or a basement membrane substitute in the eye. The membrane has growth factors that promote wound healing. Also, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring effects. AM has two functions, i.e., as a surgical graft and as a biological bandage. AMT is used in ophthalmology to reconstruct the conjunctiva and the cornea after scaring due to disease, acute burns, and corneal persistent epithelial defects.

Chalazion Treatment

A Chalazion is a painless benign nodule or bulge in the lower or upper eyelids. Conservatively, it is managed by lid hygiene and warm compress. Medically, topical or intralesional steroids can be used to minimize inflammation. This can cause regression of the lesion in few weeks. An ophthalmologist best performs surgery to remove the lesion.

Astigmatism Correction

This is type of refractive error in which the eyes don’t focus light evenly on the retina resulting in blurring of vision. It can also lead to night blindness, headaches and eyestrains. The condition is corrected with contact lenses, refractive surgery and eyeglasses.

Vitrectomy (Retinal Detachment Repair)

Retinal detachment repair is eye surgery to place a retina back into its normal position. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. Detachment means that it has pulled away from the layers of tissue around it. Most retinal detachment repair operations are urgent. A detached retina does not get a supply of oxygen. This causes the cells in the area to die, which can lead to blindness. If holes or tears in the retina are found before the retina detaches, the eye doctor can close the holes using a laser.


Specialists working with Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai

Dr. Amala Elizabeth George Ophthalmology

  • She was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 1999.
  • She specialized in Uveitis and Intraocular Inflammation at Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya Madras (1998 – 1999).
  • She has participated in 4 instruction courses in Uveitis in National and State Ophthalmic Conferences.
  • She is a member of the All India Ophthalmological Society

Dr. Ambika S Ophthalmology

  • Dr S Ambika has completed her medical graduation from Stanley Medical College , Chennai in 1996;
  • She is working as a consultant in this department since 2000 & currently she is the Director of the Neuro-ophthalmology Department
  • She is also a consultant in Cataract Department and has performed many cataract surgeries including small incision cataract surgeries and phacoemulsification with foldable implants

Dr. Angayarkanni Ophthalmology

  • Dr. Angayarkanni Narayanasamy completed her Masters and PhD in Bio-Chemistry from Dr. ALMPGIBMS Madras University.
  • She is the principal investigator and co-investigator in numerous on-going research projects
  • Her current areas of interest include role of homocysteine, oxidative stress and antioxidants in ocular pathology, angiogenesis in retinal diseases, t ear proteomics and metabalomics in Dry eye syndrome and role of Lysly oxidase in vitreo-retinal disorders.

Dr. Bhaskar Srinivasan Ophthalmology

  • Dr. Bhaskar Srinivasan completed his medical graduate degree from Topiwala National Medical College , Mumbai University in October 1997.
  • He underwent Cornea fellowship between October 2002 to March 2004 in Medical Research Foundation, a unit of Sankara Nethralaya
  • He had stood first in Ophthalmology at MS examination ( Pune University).

Dr. Bipasha Mukherjee Ophthalmology

  • She underwent Residency training in Ophthalmology at the Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital and Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Kolkata.
  • She has given invited lectures in regional and national level conferences.
  • She is currently the Director of the department since August 2009.
  • Her areas of continued interest include phacoemulsification surgery for cataracts; lacrimal and orbital surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, cosmetic rehabilitation of the anophthalmic socket, as also repair of traumatic eyelid and adnexal injuries.

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