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    Breast Cancer Is Curable - Avocure

    Published at 28 Aug, 2018

    What is Breast Cancer?

    Cancer that Develops in Female Breasts is termed as Breast Cancer. It is the uncontrollable growth of cells in the breast that lead to a lump formation. It gradually spreads to other parts of the body like heart, liver and brain. It is the most common form of cancer in females.

    What are the causes of Breast Cancer?

    The First risk factor for developing breast cancer as listed by Wikipedia is being a female. Other factors are listed below: 

    • Being Overweight : Maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is the first measure to avoid any kind of disease. 

    • No Physical Exertion : Lack of exercise or no exercise increases the risk of developing many disease including breast cancer in females. 

    • Alcohol Intake : Alcohol consumption also increases the chances of developing breast cancer and other health issues. 

    • Fertilization Delays : Not reproducing children at all or reproducing later than expected is another contributing factor.

    Symptoms and Signs of Breast Cancer

    The most common symptom of Breast Cancer is formation of a lump in the female breast. The lump can be felt by the female herself by feeling her breasts. Mammograms can also be used to detect any abnormalities in the breast by passing mild X-Rays through the affected area by looking for characteristic masses. It is to be noted that any lump detected in the breast is not necessarily Cancerous, Kindly refer to a professional before reaching out to any conclusion. Less than 20% of the lumps in the breast are related to Cancer.

    Other Symptoms of Breast Cancer include

    • Difference in size of two breasts. 

    • Change in nipple shape. Inverted nipple. 

    • Liquid Discharge from Breasts. 

    • Pain in the breast or in the underarm. Inflammation or redness. 

    • Weight loss without any explanation

    Treatment Of Breast Cancer

    Treatment involves surgery followed by Radiology or Chemotherapy or both. Not all hospitals can be trusted for cancer related treatment, only a limited number of hospitals can be trusted when it comes to such cases. However, with an increment in the number of cases related to cancer, Indian hospitals have upgraded their infrastructure to serve the cause. Not all hospitals can be trusted in this case, However, companies like Avocure have a proper trained staff to provide one stop solution to Indian as well as patients travelling from foreign countries to India for their cancer treatment. Such companies work in close alliance with the hospitals having the best infrastructure for such treatments.