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About Knee Ligament Surgery (ACL)

The Anterior cruciate ligament is one of four ligaments in the knee that helps in stabilizing the knee. It is also the most commonly injured ligament. The injury can be caused due to various reasons like sudden movements, sudden twisting or stops or landing from a jump. It is the most common in people who play sports like basketball, football, gymnastics.

ACL reconstruction includes making a small incision around the knee to replace the torn ligament with a new ACL graft tissue. The procedure takes about 2- 2.5 hours on out outpatient basis.


ACL reconstruction surgery is recommended when-

●    You're an athlete who wants to remain active and the sport involves jumping or cutting.

●    More than one ligament in your knee is injured

●    The injury is causing your knee to pain during everyday activities

●    Hearing a loud pop when ligament tears, there is swelling or you have trouble walking.

●    If you have damaged your knee it is difficult for you to bend or flex your knee like you normally can.

●    Have injured your knee through direct contact that is now causing pain.

●    You have ACL deficiency that affects your daily routine.


Just like any surgery, ACL reconstruction surgery has its own complications that can happen during or after the surgery. Some complications include-

●    bleeding and blood clots from the surgery

●    continued knee pain (even after the procedure)

●    Infection on the incision.

●    knee stiffness or weakness

●    loss of range of motion in the knee

●    Surgery is not 100% effective


●    ACL surgery is the only way to fully stabilize the knee joint.

●    It helps in proper functioning of the knee after the torn ligament/ injury.

●    The success rate is comparatively high (95%). There are only a few cases of complications after the surgery.

●    People who treat ACL injuries through surgery have a higher chance of going back to normal day to day activities like they used to, before the injury.

●    It protects from any future damage to the cartilage.

●    It is more cost effective than other non surgical procedures or therapies.

After the surgey- What to expect and things to keep in mind

There are a few things that you can do to speed up the recovery process after the surgery so that you can go back to performing daily activities like you used to before the surgery-

●    Follow up appointment with your doctor to ensure there are no complications.

●    Physical therapy to establish ACL rehabilitation program.

●    Proper diet and regular exercise will help in the recovery process.

●     Medications as prescribed by the surgeon.

●    Keep updating your doctor in case you face any difficulties or experience any pain.

●    Take care of the wound- Keep the dressing clean and dry to avoid infection.

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